Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goat cheese + bacon = love

I found out something rather shocking recently - not everyone loves goat cheese! Who knew? I made these goat cheese bacon appetizers for a party and I was really surprised to have leftovers! I had to use serious self restraint to not eat all of them before my party guests arrived.

You can find the recipe here. Unlike most recipes from thekitchn, it's not needlessly complicated and though it requires a few more dishes than I usually like, in a party food, that is acceptable. I made a batch and a half because goat cheese came in a 6 oz package, that might be why I had some leftovers. I also served them with some herbed crackers and crostini.

You'll notice mine aren't "pops." While I thought it was a super cute touch, I could not find the little sticks at my local grocery store, I'm sure you'd need to be a larger "suburban" grocery store or maybe a craft shop to find them. Anyway, I did not feel like nor have the time to go all over town looking for sticks.

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