Monday, October 26, 2015

Butter nut flavored whipped cream!

I have tried a new whipped cream flavor and I had to share because it is the BEST one thus far.

For my birthday I had a Harry Potter themed costume party (yes, I'm that friend) and I of course made butter beer and as a result I had some butter extract hanging around the kitchen. If you recall, I really, really like making fresh whipped cream with my whipped cream gizmo. I was mixing up some cream and the butter extract was there so I put it in. Wow is it good.

Butter whipped cream
1 pint of heavy cream
3-5 Tb of Agave syrup (or 3-5 Tb of powdered sugar)
1 tsp of butter flavor extract

The extract gives it a nice off-white color that I found made it look more delicious. Does that sound weird? Well try it and see what you think.

This was an excellent "basic" whipped cream, almost like plain vanilla and can be used with a variety of other flavors. I was mostly eating in on berries and oranges and BF was putting it in his morning coffee. I expect this to be the new standard at our house instead of vanilla.