Thursday, May 20, 2010

LOST themed party snacks

Everyone who was ever into LOST is going to a LOST series finale party. Well, at least I am. Therefore, I've been trying to think of what LOST themed snacks I can take to the party my friend is hosting and the possibilities are endless.

Some ideas include...

* Smoke Monster Popcorn (thekitchn)
* Pulled pork (label it Wild Boar)
* Ribs (ie Boar)
* Anything tropical or island themed (too obvious)
* Put snacks in white boxes with the Dharma logo
* Fish Biscuit sugar cookies

To get the juices flowing for your LOST party snack, check out the LOSTpedia food page to see a list of all the food featured on the show. I'm probably not going to spend Saturday making Smoke Monster Popcorn but let's see what I can get together.

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